Nourishing connections: Women4Women magazine explores the world of food

Step into a world where the aromas of spices mingle, where recipes hold cherished memories, and where food becomes a powerful conduit for cultural exchange. The latest issue of Women4Women Magazine invites readers on a tantalizing journey into the realm of food, family traditions and cultural heritage but also the importance of sustainability and theContinue reading “Nourishing connections: Women4Women magazine explores the world of food”

Macro photography with Fujifilm’s new X-H2

I believe that a camera is not simply a tool to get a job done – a great camera gives you the ability to show the world your creative side.  For me, the experience and act of photographing something is just as important as the end result. It’s part of the process of creating somethingContinue reading “Macro photography with Fujifilm’s new X-H2”

Fungi Macro Photography

Article written for Fujifilm UK. Different types of fungi require different conditions and habitats. At this time of year, in autumn and early winter, they seem to appear almost everywhere. If you’ve never tried capturing them before, now is the time to give it a go – they are great subjects for macro photography! TheContinue reading “Fungi Macro Photography”