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Tripods for food photography

*Article written for Manfrotto It’s often said that the most important tools for a photographer are a creative mind and a trained eye. Light, composition and the subject matter all determine how powerful and impactful your image is going to be. Photographic equipment is just the means to help us achieve our vision, right??? Well,Continue reading “Tripods for food photography”

Fungi photography, macro photography, Fujifilm, xt3, wild mushrooms, foraging
45 image focus stack Fujifilm X-T3 & 80mm f2.8 XF LM OIS WR Macro 1/8sec – F9 – ISO125

Fungi Macro Photography

Article written for Fujifilm UK. Different types of fungi require different conditions and habitats. At this time of year, in autumn and early winter, they seem to appear almost everywhere. If you’ve never tried capturing them before, now is the time to give it a go – they are great subjects for macro photography! TheContinue reading “Fungi Macro Photography”

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